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17 April 2006 @ 02:49 am
It is so late right now, but I'm not tired. Because, today, ladies and gentlemen, I ate turkey. And while turkey and I are BFF, the effects of the bird on my family leads to arguments over who gets what couch which therefore ends in my dad winning. We were at my grandma's house (four houses down the block, but we drove. We drove... to go FOUR. HOUSES. DOWN. Do you comprehend the ridiculousness of this??). Grandma makes the same dinner for every holiday. Turkey and homemade gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans (the frozen kind, in a bag), Stovetop stuffing, and pineapple cake (complete with Cool-Whip frosting, canned pineapple, Jello pudding, and cream cheese, all on top of some cake that came in a box). I swear we are not trashy. Then we drove home, and I slept. All day. We ate at two, so from three on I napped. And ate three pieces of cake. How could you not??

In other news... Danhuss and I took my camera to the doctor. Remember my lovely Canon Digital Rebel? That my dad's stepmonster used when it "mysteriously" stopped working? (we really should have realized that Marti and cameras are not a good mix because she has broken EVERY ONE SHE'S EVER OWNED I KID YOU NOT EVERY SINGLE ONE). Turns out that when she removed the CF card and replaced it, she jammed it in either really hard or really upside-down, causing the pins in the camera to bend. So now we know that it was her fault and not mine, that it wouldn't have happened regardless, because I never took the card out. She's been ragging at me and my dad for months now, and I really hope that they have to fork over a grand for a new camera (or the $700 it'll cost to get mine fixed). The other option is reinstating the warranty, waiting a little while, and using that get it fixed/replaced. This is what I am pulling for, because if they replace it I'd get the newest version, meaning I'd be able to upgrade from a 6.0 megapixel to 8.0, and also get it in black (because everything is cooler in black). And once that happens, I can return this little page to what it was born to be, a showcase for the crap I knit....

....Which segues into my next topic. I knit a dinosaur. It has no legs at the moment, but it's pretty freaking awesome. It will have taken me mayyyyybe three hours total. My dear friend SadPants McEmo will greatly appreciate it when I surprise his broken-hearted self with it. I also ordered $40 off of knitpicks.com, and I am pretty annoyed. I got enough Shine Worsted to make the Lelah Top off of Knitting for Boozehags. I ordered it in Blush, which on the page looks slightly lavender and awesome, but then I got the catalog in the mail and it's just pink. Like how rouge-blush is pink. I don't wear pink. I wanted funky pink..... We'll see when it gets here, but this will probably be something I knit and never wear. Like everything else. I also ordered some sock yarn that was on sale, and some Andean Silk in Olive, for something... not sure what yet.

Still not tired, but....
Let's hope I make it to all my classes tomorrow. Or today. WTF.
alan (Back home you'll sleep better.)thislivejournal on April 19th, 2006 06:22 pm (UTC)
YOU GOTTA COME, BRO!!!! with a million friends

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